About Us

Envlaw provides specialised legal advice and services on sensitive legal issues in environmental law to a range of clients internationally and domestically, including local and state government departments.

We focus on providing practical legal solutions and services that support the agencies’ regulatory approach. Our experience is that a legal question commonly requires an examination of the operational environment and any legal advice given considers the operational setting.

Black letter law advices while answering a legal question do not necessarily provide a solution to your policy objectives and operating environment.  Our area of expertise includes advice on improving your operating procedures, guidelines and policies whether they are in areas such as licensing, prosecutions, infringement notice management, civil matters, debt recovery or regulatory policy.


EnvLaw estimates the cost of legal work to determine a capped price. This provides certainty for the client and eliminates the risk associated with excessive legal costs.

In determining costs and delivering our legal services we apply the following project management methodology:

1. Analysis of the legal issue through obtaining clear instructions within context.

2. Design the framework and content for the advice in consultation.

3. Develop and prepare the advice through engagement and consultation with appropriate stakeholders.

4. Evaluate through each phase the impact of the advice on the operating environment  and where instructed assist with implementation through seminars or training.

This methodology, while arising from learning design models, provides an underpinning platform for proving practical legal solutions.

It is our philosophy that any legal work should lead to a strengthened operating environment that supports the policy objectives of the agency.

We look forward to discussing you legal requirements.